What can be more pleasing than having a perfect landscaped backyard? From teatime stories with the kids, to organizing house parties, the exteriors of your home can be put to great use. Landscaping is incomplete without the right water feature. There are numerous services that can help with backyard water feature installations, but the first step is to decide the kind of feature you want. In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about types of water features, but before that, let’s discuss the benefits.

Why spend on water features?

Aesthetic appeal is easily the first reason to think of a water feature for your backyard or garden. You can attract birds, create a more natural symphony around the house, and enjoy the beauty of the feature. Also, homes with water features typically tend to fetch a better price, so if you decide to sell the house at some point, you can expect to recover the investment. Maintenance may seem like one of the core concerns, but there are many landscaping services that can take care of the same, for a simple annual contract.

What are the options?

  • Water walls. If you have a yard that needs that extra dimension, water walls are just ideal. Contrary to popular belief, installing a water wall doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can complement most themes of architecture and home exteriors. A good alternative to this would be a water screen, which looks like rain, but can be a smart way to segment your backyard.

  • Another great feature to consider are fountains, which come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can go for standalone designs made of materials like brass, or have stone fountains, which are exquisite to say the least. Fountains come in sizes to suit almost any type of garden or yard.
  • If you don’t mind spending a tad more, go for waterfalls, which are great as landscaping features. The waterfall can be complimented with a pool, or even a simplified rock bed. Water can be easily recycled, so there are no worries with regards to wastage of water.
  • True to the name, birdbaths are designed to attract local birds, and the design can be such that it can have a fountain, or just standing small pond. If you can add a few bird feeders around the yard, you can expect to see nature at home.

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