The Swimming Pool Act of 1992 was amended in 2013, and from 2016, any property sold with a pool must have either a swimming pool compliant or non-compliance certificate. These changes were made to reduce the risk of drowning, and in this article, we will review some of the major safety aspects of Sydney swimming pool compliance.

Pool Fencing

The fencing around your pool must be:

  • The fencing cannot have any gaps over 100mm and must be of the correct height for the size of the pool, and most people choose glass for the obvious benefit of being able to see the pool surface at all times. There must be a self-closing gate that opens outwards, with a minimum height of 1200mm, with gate release being at least 1500mm from the ground.
  • Climbing Hazards – There must be nothing that could be used to aid a child trying to climb the pool fencing, which includes trees, shrubs, furniture items, or any object that is closer than 1200mm. The pool inspector would be looking for anything that was withing 1200mm from the fencing, so it is essential to remove all objects within that radius.
  • Vegetation – If you are a nature lover, it should be noted that anything natural that could be used to aid climbing the pool fence must be removed, wall plants are especially considered to be a danger.

The Pool Interior

The inside of the pool area must not contain any furniture, BBQ, or any other object, with the exception of pool-cleaning items, permanent slides and filtration equipment. Of course, shading structures are permitted, but nothing of a recreational nature can be inside the pool area. There can be no clothes line inside the pool area and chairs and tables are not allowed.

Selling your Property

If you plan to sell the property, you must have either a pool compliance or non-compliance certificate, and selling with a non-compliance means the new owner would have the responsibility to make the changes required to comply. It makes perfect sense to carry out the minor alterations and have the pool inspected and compliant, which is a good selling point.

Pool Certification

Once you have made amendments and are confident that your pool will pass the inspection, search online for a pool certification provider, and you can make an appointment for your pool to be inspected, and a quick double check prior to this should ensure that you receive a pool compliance certificate that is valid for 3 years.