During renovation, homeowners focus on their feelings without considering the design basics. Therefore, the results may not fulfill their expectations. Here are some tips to avoid making errors in your living room design.

Ignoring the functionality

A square living room looks balanced but if the room is rectangular, then correct the space use a rack or cabinet.

Some zoning ideas –

  • Living room & home office – An office area can be small, but ass extra light source.
  • Living room & bedroom – The bedroom needs to be close to the window as a sleeping area has to be away from the entrance.
  • Living room & dining room – Both these units need sufficient space, so the single room has to be big.
  • Living room & kitchen – Zones can be arranged as you prefer, but if the kitchen is close to the window cooking becomes comfortable with lots of natural light.

Large and old furniture

When large sofas are used in a room not fit for the size, then the area looks small. A large living room can afford a sizeable sofa but for a small area, two-seater sofas along with a couple of armchairs are favored. Bulky furniture is an old trend and lost its relevance.

Today, the in thing is sharp silhouettes, straight lines, and modern color. Even ensure the living room furniture you choose is not just a nice looking piece but comfortable to be seated on. They are of no use if you hardly use them.

Incorrectly hung curtains

Curtains need to be hung high and wide to make the ceilings appear higher. Improperly hung curtains can visually make the room look small. Choose a more saturated and bright color than the upholstery present in the living area. People living in Houston can visit the gallery supernova furniture to get a peek of the spectacular living room sets they offer.

Follow a single style

If you don’t allow any deviation but prefer a specific interior style, then the room becomes trite and loses its warmth. Mix your preferred style with other design options like retro, grunge, eclectic, etc. It will make the living area look original and appealing.

Room center is not defined

A living room needs a bright accent, which can be an artwork, a fireplace, a mirror or anything that grabs attention. Your rest area can be made a focal point. Just highlight the center with contrast prints and colors or blend complex tones.

Photos positioned poorly

If there are multiple photos, then design a hanging gallery rather than placing photo frames in each corner of the room. The ideal height is 153 cm from the floor to the image center.