When designing your own tropical garden, you must take many things into consideration. Although the aesthetics are important, you should work on creating something sustainable and eco-friendly. You need a mixture of exotic themed features and foliage to create a peaceful setting. To ensure you get the theme just right, go for colourful flowers, energetic foliage and authentic architecture that really catches the mood. Here are some great tips on designing your own exotic garden.

Consider the Climate

If you are going to be using exotic plants in your garden, you must consider the climate. Some tropical plants only grow in certain types of climates, so check before you go out and buy them. Some species need warm, humid weather to flourish, while others are more durable and can survive through mild winters. You don’t want to just finish installing a Bali hut, only to find out the tropical trees that complement it are starting to wither and die.

Delicate exotic plants will need more attention, if you’ve winter seasons, put them in a pot and bring them indoors until the cold spell dissipates.

Carefully Plan the Layout & Design

Don’t go rushing into the project, take some time to carefully plan the layout and design of the landscape. You can get in touch with landscape architects to help you with your design, or if you’re proficient enough, you can use computer software to get the job done. Remember to consider current structures and trees, instead of removing everything, try to make them part of your new garden concept.

If you plan on adding a pool or pond area, don’t forget to leave space for walkways and pathways. Make a rough sketch of your design and look at ways to improve upon it.

Look for Inspiration

Some of us are extremely creative when it comes to bringing our concept to life, while others struggle to get their vision across. If you’ve already included an exotic hut, tropical plants, and a bamboo fence, you may find yourself straining for more ideas. The best place to go if you are running out of ideas is online, a quick flick through a few landscape design websites will put you right back on track.

Search for existing tropical gardens and have a look at how these designs have been implemented. You may not be able to fit some of them into your garden, but they will give you ideas for your own project.

Regular Maintenance

Once your vision has come to life, don’t forget to maintain the garden to ensure its longevity. Although tropical gardens don’t need much attention, you still need to do some work to keep it in tip top condition.

When designing your exotic themed garden, take all of the points mentioned in the article into consideration. Take some time to do research on the project before you get started, it is important to plan ahead and try your best to incorporate environmentally friendly features. Use colourful plants, water features, add exotic sculptures and other décor which enhances the look of the garden.