We are all so dependent on our electrical devices, that when the power goes out it seems to be a big deal. It used to be that people could entertain themselves without gadgets. But you can use power outages as a teaching tool for your kids, there are lots of fun things that you can do when there is no electricity. Here are a few things that you can try.

  • Star Gazing: When the lights go out in the city, sometimes people are alarmed at the things they see in the sky. If only your lights are out, you might want to call an electrician first. You can get an electrician for the central coast, with a quick internet search on your mobile. Without all the pollution of city lights, the sky is a beautiful thing. Kids love to learn about stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, and meteors. With a little research of your own you should be able to show each of those and give them a little bit of a science lesson too.
  • Hand Puppets: Tremendous fun that requires only a flashlight and wall. Kids can be very creative with their puppets once they learn how to make a few things, like bunnies, dogs, and birds. Right away, they will make up their own stories and make a little show. This is great to kick start the imagination and good clean fun.
  • Storytelling: You don’t have to go camping to start telling campfire stories. Storytelling used to be a family tradition before we all got addicted to screens. If you don’t know any stories, you can just make stuff up, or you can get yourself a book of campfire tales and study up. Save the scary ghost story for the end, with the essential flashlight lighting effects. Keep in mind the ages of the children. Nightmares are not fun when there is no power.
  • Build a Fort: Kids don’t need an excuse to build a fort, but a blackout is a good time for a little fun with blankets and flashlights. There are no rules, just have fun. Get out all the cushions, and maybe get some snacks and comic books too.

Once you get started, you might even be disappointed when the lights come back on. Having fun with your kids without technology is something you should try to do as often as you can. Hopefully more often than when you have power outages. All these things can be done without a blackout, the required element is you and a little free time.