Having a tidy and organized bedroom is essential for feeling good, but it also allows you to find your way around and save time when you have to prepare your things for example. Not to mention that a good organization saves space which can prove to be interesting if you have a small space or a studio?

For a bedroom that is pleasant to live in, there are many storage tips:

First, think of “lost space”, such as the underside of your bed or the space above your wardrobe if you have one. You can store them there, using baskets, boxes, covers, your shoes, your clothes that you no longer wear or that you only wear on rare occasions. But still the quilts, or blankets that you only use in winter. For proper small bedroom storage this is important now.

Then optimize the existing storage. For example, if you have a shelf, compartmentalize it with storage boxes. This can be very useful for your documents for example.

Storage under bed: optimize space

If you’re short on space, and want to save space, a simple tip is to store your things under your bed. This arrangement is very interesting for the attic rooms not allowing to arrange your business above a wardrobe.

To do this, make an inventory of the things that you do not often use:

Outfits for special occasions, ski clothes, shoes that you wear only very rarely,it all seems obvious, but this inventory is essential, because it is useless to put order in order to then no longer find it.

  • Once the sorting has been carried out, it is best to store it and preferably in closed boxes to prevent dust from getting stuck in it. This will facilitate maintenance, you will only have to collect the dust using a “dust-catching” cloth. Do not forget to take the measurement between the floor and the box spring, to know the maximum height of the boxes to be placed under the bed.
  • We offer room storage solutions for this: our range of transparent plastic boxes with “crystal” lids suitable for “under bed” spaces. Practical, at a glance, you can guess what they contain.
  • For shoes that you don’t wear more often, we have developed a solution to protect them from dust. These are extra-flat , compartmentalized shoe covers that you can slip under your bed or under your wardrobe.

Compactor storage saves space under the bed

Do you want to save even more space? Compact duvets and clothes with our ranges of space saving covers under bed and vacuum covers for dedicated compactor duvets. Thanks to a simple suction process, you can save up to 75% more space.

If you have no more space under your bed, think above your wardrobe or your shelf, as for the bottom of your bed, take the measurements between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling. We offer a compactor rigid trunk range, which will go well with your interior. You can also store them on your open shelf.

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