Most people love the idea of inviting friends and family over for autumn dinners. This also means prepping and planning all the relevant things. While food precedes everything else, you need to keep an eye for décor too. Getting the décor and design right for the table is important, and it must be in sync with the weather and season. There are many online stores that sell all kinds of fall centerpieces, and if you want to get the table setting right, we have a few assorted ideas that may come in handy.

  • Play with the classic candle-based décor. For dinners and evening events, candles are just perfect, and given that there are so many choices in colors, shapes, designs and styles of scented candles, the décor doesn’t have to look repetitive. Candles, used with other small assorted elements, can look really stunning and warm, ideal for embracing the flowing cold breeze.
  • Add some fruits. If you want the fall dinner table to look seasonal, all you need is some fresh fruits, which can be selected in mixed colors to add accents. You can actually try a wide range of arrangements, and most interior experts recommend using some of the regular décor elements, such as pumpkin and gourds.

  • Don’t miss the greens. Besides the colorful accents and centerpieces, you can actually consider adding small potted plants on the table. Green has a charm of its own, and for the fall, it feels even more appropriate and seasonal. The choices should ideally depend on your table size and other arrangements, but this idea works for most occasions.
  • Wood and metallic mix. If there has to be one trend that surpasses everything else right now, it has to be the mix of wood and metallic shades. From brass and rose gold finishes to using wooden trays and centerpieces, the choices are many. Instead of sticking to one collection, find products that you like and play with arrangement ideas.

  • Embrace turquoise and indigo. Besides the seasonal fall colors, shades of blue are worth adopting for your fall dinner table. Think of a bright colored runner for the center of the table to place your décor elements, or something like a fabric that covers the entire dining table. Blue, indigo and turquoise happen to be the sought-after picks in fabrics.

Check online now and shortlist the best possible décor items for your annual fall dinner table.