Roof lanterns and skylights both offer a great addition to any property extension or redevelopment of an existing structure. There are benefits to each, and depending on the style of the home being built and the desired purposes of the space the roof lantern or roof skylight will be a part of, your choice could come down to several factors. Whether you are a contractor looking for the correct choice for a new development, or a homeowner looking at ways to improve your own home, lanterns versus skylights is an important contest to consider.

What is the difference between a roof lantern and a skylight though, and which should you choose to add to your development?

A roof lantern put in simple terms is an additional window placed in the ceiling of an extension. It is an architectural element that is a fantastic centrepiece to any room, allowing light to flow into an otherwise dark room and area. With the addition of extra natural light you’ll immediately feel the room is filled with much more light, making the room feel airy, spacious and warm.

The big difference between a roof lantern and skylights is that skylights cannot be seen from the outside, if you choose to install a flat roof skylight. With the right choice of skylight you can transform the interior of a property without having to worry about the impact the design has on the exterior of the property.

In both skylight and roof lanterns there are now more styles and design specifications than ever before, and by choosing an expert skylight supplier you can ensure that the home being worked on is transformed into a truly special building that the homeowner will love and use for many years to come.

A flat skylight is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to be able to see it from outside. It sits very low into the roof, with specific dimensions agreed with your skylight supplier to suit the needs and aesthetic appeal of the home in question. A flat skylight allows for up to 25% higher levels of natural light to flood into the room it is above, and it is also a fantastic way to increase ventilation levels without being too obtrusive to the room itself.

Roof lanterns bring a certain level of style and grace to proceedings. When compared with a flat skylight they can be seen from the exterior of the building, and they are best suited to certain types of structures and design where it fits in with the general aesthetic of the property. A roof lantern can bring in plenty of extra light, as well as being a stunning architectural centrepiece that gets people talking. The option of slim-line roof lanterns provides the choice for those worried about the bulkiness of traditional roof lanterns and the impact this can have on the design of a refurbishment.

In the end it really comes down to your own personal choice and aesthetic about whether to choose a roof lantern or a skylight, but always be sure to choose a skylight supplier that understands the finer detail and the benefits of both.