You have no direct control over the occurrence of natural disasters. However, certain precautions and methods can be implemented to reduce its cause and negative impact. Houston is known for its rich culinary blend with a spice of cultural diversity. It is also known for its intense flooding – which is why we need adequate drainage systems.  In this article, we will highlight a list of consideration that needs to be taken into account when installing an advanced drainage system in Houston.

Houston’s Unique Drainage Challenges

The flooding problem in Houston cannot be easily overcome. This city barely rises above sea level. It is built on a flat terrain with clay soil, and is highly susceptible to flooding disasters. Unfortunately, it has an unchecked development history, with most drainage systems needing to be updated. The importance of constructing a sound drainage system cannot be over-emphasized. Otherwise, when it rains, lives and properties will be lost. A poorly planned drainage system will end up causing more harm than good. Hence, let us identify the key things to consider when installing a drainage system.

Choosing the Right Location

Before installing an advanced drainage system in Houston, it is essential to consider the correct location. As mentioned earlier, the city’s terrain is flat, with barely any hills. This means flooding will still occur if drainage isn’t positioned at a distance that is in proximity to a broader natural drainage channel. Identifying the right soil type for your drainage location is also essential to prevent water runoff. A sandy soil close to a natural drainage channel should be your foremost consideration when installing a drainage system.

Compliance With Local Regulations

Installing a drainage system requires compliance with several regulations that the city has implemented. Following these instructions and conforming to all the rules is crucial to prevent future legal issues. It’s critical to interact with the relevant agencies, and comply with applicable codes, to ensure your installation is in line with the associated regulations. It’s also critical to pay the proper dues, including the City of Houston and Harris County Flood Control District, among others.

Cost Estimation

The quality of the drainage system you want depends on your budget. There are several Houston drainage contractors that can be contacted. They will easily install the drainage system without issues, and ensure that your area is flood-free during the rainy season. It is not only vital to work within your budget, but to also consider the quality. Installing an advanced drainage system that does not function correctly will cause greater harm than good.

Qualified Contractors

As mentioned earlier, there are so many drainage contractors in Houston. However, before making payments for an installation, ensure you see proof of qualifications. You also need to request accreditation certificates and evidence of experience.

Designing An Effective System

When designing your drainage system, it is vital to ensure the contractors use the right tools to develop an effective system. The catch basins, pipes, and retention ponds must be durable to ensure the system performs its job appropriately.


Floods can sweep off property elements and uproot trees, depending on their intensity. If the rain cannot be controlled, its impact on individuals and a city like Houston can be controlled with the proper drainage system. Consider every highlighted key point and ensure you have a suitable advanced drainage system installed.