Most people will get really excited about the idea of design, it’s all about how things look and how they work. Some people will be more interested in functionality over looks whereas others will be more interested in having something that looks great, but is absolutely useless, the great thing about design is that the choice is all down to you. You choose what you like so, just imagine if you could do the same with a home.

Where to start?

Choosing the design of a t-shirt or pair of jeans is pretty simple, you choose something that you like the look and feel of, job done. Not quite so straightforward when planning and designing a home, you have to consider architectural drawing plans, planning consent, sourcing samples and products, utilities and actually building the property. You will need the help of a local construction expert, unless you are a builder of course.

Keep it simple

Likely, when faced with the reality of the task your head is working over-time, thinking about construction, custom homes, home builders and how you are going to achieve what you want. Start by keeping it simple, you don’t really need any specialised equipment to start making decisions about your custom home design. You could start things really simply just by putting pen or in this case, pencil to paper.

This can be one of the most enjoyable parts as you can really have some fun. Your drawing can be as basic or as detailed as you like, it’s all about getting your ideas down on paper. You’ll want to brainstorm, make a list of the features you want in each room, it’s really important to get all of your ideas on paper so that your prospective builder can understand what you want.

Consider the future

If you have children or, plan to have them in the future, then you will want to ‘future proof’ your home and make sure that it has enough rooms and is adequately equipped to provide a comfortable living space for you all. Perhaps you have or plan to have animals or pets so, thinking about where they might go and what they need in terms of access in and out of the house would be a smart idea, you might even decide to have an enclosure outside if planning allows it.

Make it your own

As long as you choose a good custom home builder than you can’t really go too far wrong, they will help you every step of the way and actually, you’d have to do very little apart from agreeing on options.