When you have a beautiful home with uPVC windows and doors, an excellent benefit is that they are simple to maintain and keep clean. However, one drawback with this affordable window option is that the colours of the frames will usually fade in direct sunlight. Consequently, the windows can work perfectly, but the faded colour can make your home seem tired and neglected. Below are some tips for maintaining your uPVC window frames and how you can bring back their colour to make them pop once more.

Keeping Your Windows Clean

Cleaning your uPVC window frames is a simple task, and it is something that you will want to do once or twice a year. You do not need any special tools, and all that is required is a bucket, a sponge, and some glass cleaner. You will want to use warm soapy water, dishwashing liquid is suitable for the task, and clean each window and frame individually. Use your glass cleaner on the windowpanes to get them clean, and you can use the same product on the window frames when they dry, which will help make them shine. However, if the colour has faded from your window frames too much, you want to bring back life to them by using a specialist company.

Repainting Your uPVC Windows

As technology has improved along with paints, uPVC window spraying is becoming increasingly common, with more people opting to paint their windows instead of replacing them. A skilled team of uPVC painters can finish an average family home in a day or so, so it is quick and not an intrusive job. Unlike when having windows installed in a house when you have them sprayed, the workers do not need to enter your home. All the work is done outside, so it needs to take place when the weather is nice to get the best possible finish. Each unit will take an hour or so to finish, and when it is done, your windows look like they are new.

There are many colours you can choose for your window frames, and they can help your home pop and stand out from other buildings in the neighbourhood. The best thing about having your uPVC windows sprayed is the cost. On average, you can save between 70-80% of the cost of replacing your windows in your home when you have them sprayed instead. It makes it an affordable solution to tatty-looking window frames that many people can afford and revamp their home`s exterior to get it looking fantastic again.

Finding A Suitable Company To Do The Job

Plenty of companies can do a fantastic looking job on your uPVC window frames no matter where you are in the country. Ensure you do plenty of research before choosing which company you use, and ensure you also check them out on social media. You can use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to see images of previous jobs they have done and comments that their customers leave. It can help you select the best company for the job to breathe back new life into your window frames and make them look fantastic again.