Finding high-quality curtains at affordable prices can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Many curtain shops in Melbourne make claims to sell the best and highest quality curtains and blinds, but it can be hard to discern between genuinely good and well-priced curtain shops and ones that are overly expensive with lower quality goods, especially if you’re not sure what you should be looking for. This article will go over some strategies as well as signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to finding the best curtain shops in Melbourne.

A Varied Product Offering

While in some cases having many options can induce analysis-paralysis, when it comes to finding the best curtain shops in Melbourne, a varied product offering is one of the best signs that you’ve found a good curtain store. This is because stores that have variety in their products will typically stock a mix of the newest curtains and blinds as well as classics and best sellers that have been on the market for decades.

This is important for the consumer as it gives them an expansive array of choices, meaning they can get the best option for them instead of having to compromise or settle due to a simple lack of options. Some curtain stores are unfortunately trapped in a bygone retail era and only stock older models, brands and styles, so a curtain shop that provides customers with both new and old styles will ultimately provide an overall better retail experience.

 Curate a List of the Best Stores

You probably wouldn’t be able to recall the names of many curtain shops in Melbourne from memory, but a simple online search will turn up an almost endless number of curtain shops in the area. By conducting simple internet research on the different curtain stores in Melbourne, you’ll be able to curate a list of the best ones in the area and even view their product offerings ahead of time.

There’s no need to make the list too extensive. Choosing 3-5 stores will usually give you a great range of stores to look at, which you can then further prioritise by the type of products you prefer as well as customer reviews, putting the best rated stores on the top of your list to visit first. Curating a list of the best curtain shops in Melbourne is a great time-saving hack that also increases your chances of finding suitable curtains and blinds on your first or second viewing of a store.

Look for Stores That Make Custom Curtains & Blinds

Most stores sell generic sizes of different curtains and blinds, but these aren’t always guaranteed to fit your windows, walls or doors depending on their measurements. This is why it’s also important that you keep an eye out for curtain shops in Melbourne that are able to custom make blinds and curtains. This effectively solves the issue of bringing home the wrong sized curtains, as you can simply give the custom curtain shop your measurements and they’ll produce blinds or curtains that fit the space perfectly.

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