If your swimming pool has just been completed and you think that because it is brand-new, everything is in order, then you would be sadly mistaken. Just because your building contractor is finished, doesn’t mean that everything is as safe as it can be. As the owner of the property, it is your responsibility to make sure that your swimming pool is safe for everyone to use and there are a number of laws and regulations in place that you need to follow. The only way that you’re going to learn about what you need, is to contact your local pool certifying contractor. It will then be their job to come up to your property and advise you properly.

Luckily for you, pool certification in Penrith is something that can be gotten from a professional and competent provider. You just have to make an appointment with them and they will come out to do the necessary checks on your new swimming pool, to make sure that everything is safe. There are a number of things that they will check for when they visit and the following are just some of those.

  1. A swimming pool fence – Hopefully you have already one of these installed, but if you haven’t you should really think seriously about it. Without a swimming pool fence in place, there is nothing to stop pets and children from entering the pool without your knowledge. The fact that you put signs up around the swimming pool saying that it’s private and nobody should enter means very little to small kids and they will just go ahead and get in for a swim anyway. You do not want a child’s injury or death on your hands, and so it makes perfect sense to install some kind of swimming pool fence. Obviously, glass pool fences are the best choice because you can see everything that is going on from the comfort of your home.
  2. Flotation devices – You never know when someone is going to get into difficulties in your swimming pool and even the strongest swimmers run into problems at times. It can be something as simple as a leg cramp, but this stops people from being able to tread the water and they will go under. In the event that this happens, it is imperative that you have flotation devices placed around the pool that you control to them to help them stay afloat. Entering the pool yourself to help to save them might be your downfall if both of you can be pulled under.

It is important that your swimming pool is compliant when it comes to safety and if anything is amiss, they will advise you about that and then give you time to remedy it. They will then return to your home and gladly issue you with your pool certification to let you know that your pool is in top working order.