When shopping for a new fridge, you need to consider the size, energy efficiency, features, and style of a fridge. Knowing the amount of storage space you need and the features you value in a fridge is fairly simple. However, it can be hard to decide the most appropriate and convenient style. Your refrigerator’s style is more than a matter of preference and taste because every style has its pros and cons. Keep reading to know the differences among different refrigerator styles:

Top Freezer

Originally, refrigerators are built to have a top freezer. This style came into life in the 1940s and is still famous today. This kind of fridge is known for its dependability when compared to other styles. Often, this style is more energy-efficient than others. It offers more selection in terms of size, colour, and price. Also, the top freezer model tends to take up less space but may not have as much storage space as others. This model does usually come with a water and ice dispenser.


This model features two doors with the freezer on the left and the fridge on the right. With this design, you can put commonly used frozen and refrigerated food items at a convenient level, rather than having to bend down to access foods. Also, a refrigerateur frigidaire is suitable for small kitchens because double door minimises the space required for door clearance.

Some owners are not happy about the fridge’s inability to offer enough storage space in the freezer, but this depends on the ref’s total capacity. Also, this fridge style doesn’t leave enough room in the fridge to store big platters; however, this can be a problem only on holidays.

French Door

This refrigerator model has two doors on the top which open up the fridge section. Its freezer section is a pull-out drawer below the ref. A French-Door-style ref solves a lot of issues found in other types of fridge. By putting the fridge at the top, the unit presents all the refrigerated foods at a convenient level. Also, this fridge comes with wide shelves which leave space for big platters.

But, a French door ref has less usable storage space than other kinds of fridges. Also, a lot of owners complain they cannot organise the items inside, especially the freezer section. This fridge tends to be the most costly unit. It can be sold between $1,400 and $2,000.