Picking high-quality piling is important to ensure you build a structurally sound dock. All parts of the dock depend on the pilings so they need to be sturdy, straight, and durable. Although this demand can be met by wood, pressure treated lumber pilings can handle being immersed in salt water while retaining their integrity. Keep reading to know your options in terms of dock piling materials:

Treated Wood Pilings

A treated wood piling can provide protection against decay and marine life like boring clams and shipworms. The chemical preservative called chromated copper arsenate is injected into the wood’s outer layer to help in creating a protective envelope around the timber’s inner part. The viability of the protection depends on depth of the treatment’s penetration and how well the wood holds to the treatment. While every region may require various treatment strengths, it is best to use the strongest treatment for dock pilings.  Benefits of treated wood pilings include:

  • Durability. Because of the protective barrier of treated wood, it tends to last longer. By resisting rot and harmful marine organisms, the treatment prolongs the pilings’ lifespan.
  • Affordability. Wood pilings can be more affordable than Greenheart wood piling and fiberglass. Although you don’t decide based on the price alone, it can be a significant variable for your project.
  • Strength. Aside from the wood pilings’ ability to stand up to being driven into the ground, it can support your decking and dock accessories. Also, it is capable of holding to the current’s ebbs and flows.

Hardwood Dock Pilings

Hardwood pilings like greenheart could be an excellent option for a dock. They boast durability and resistance to marine bores. While they are not treated, they can stand up to the pressure of the job.

Concrete Dock Piling

Concrete can support a deck. When reinforced with another material such as steel, it can improve its strength. Also, concrete is resistant to decay and does not impact on water quality. After it is fully cured, concrete becomes very inert in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Fiberglass Dock Piling

Fiberglass is used in a lot of functions today because of its versatility and strength relative to its weight. Fiberglass pilings are highly resistant to weather, very durable, and low maintenance. They are straight as a die and exactly alike which means less hassle when checking for quality. Also, it eliminates your worry about possible flaws being exposed in the future.