No matter what kind of construction you do, unintended oversights occur. When it comes to building a log home, you need to consider a few factors in mind to ensure everything goes well. You can fix some mistakes, but some cannot be stifled with. So, to not end up with the latter, here are a few mistakes to avoid when building a log home.

  1. Bypassing big gutters and overhangs

The gist is to keep the logs as dry as possible. It would be more beneficial in the long run when you try to save money by using undersized overhangs. If you have huge roof overhangs, there is benefit to that too, it keeps the moisture at bay. Logs will be kept dry when the sides of a log home have 24 to 30 inch overhangs and the ends have around 4 to 6 feet. Never skip on the gutters and downspouts as well. They play a huge role in keeping the moisture at bay from home and they are not an option, but mandatory at all costs.

  1. Logs are improperly placed

As logs are organic in nature, they must always be looked after in order to keep its longevity safe. Albeit logs are tough in nature, but they still need to be catered to. When they are installed too close to the ground, they are exposed to moisture in excess. Ensure that the bottom rows of logs are at least 1 and a half feet above the ground. To make sure you are more protected, apply ice and water proof product to the bottom two layers of logs. A little protection is always beneficial in the long run. Have a look at these log cabin kits made in Colorado here to fix this issue.

  1. Logs aren’t properly cleaned

Ensure that the logs are immaculately clean. Logs tend to cultivate and unwelcomed surface of mill glaze that seems like a shiny covering. When a few resins rise from the logs interior, the mill glaze will appear. You must also treat the logs with a good insecticide to keep the insects and arachnids as well as the burrowing insects at bay. Logs must also be kept water proofed this is because the mold, mildew and rot must never be allowed to disperse.

  1. Overdoing with the wooden theme

Many people have sophisticated tastes to choose the wooden theme in their log home environment. But many tend to go overboard with this. After a while, it would get tiring and boring so, ensure to limit the woods in your home till carpeting and tiling only. You can also go wooden with the countertops. Or use patterned or colored concrete, stainless steel or granite to have an attractive interruption with the flow of wood in the entire home.