The floor in your house is an important criterion that can not be overlooked when designing your home. That is why, while decorating your house, you ensure to pick a type of flooring that not only adds a beauty factor to your house, but also makes it safer to live in. One of the most common flooring that you would have always seen in almost all the homes is the parquet flooring. Yes, from royal palaces to the football courts, i is almost everywhere.  Now you’ll be wondering as to why home owners and professional people prefer this kind of flooring. Well the basic reasons for the parquet flooring to be so wisely preferred are listed below:

  • They are aesthetically wonderful – Parquet flooring are made up of wood. So, you can imagine the classy and elegant look they present in your home. They are actually made up of various wooden tiles combined together in various designs. So naturally, these designs are mind blowing and look fabulous in any kind of home decor theme. No matter in which shade of wood you choose the parquet flooring, you will never be disappointed with its amazing presentation. 
  • Parquet flooring is highly durable – The parquet flooring is made up of three layers of wood. So, the first layer is specifically that prevents it’s wear. And the other two layers add a more secure base to your flooring. With these layers gripped together in the parquet flooring, you can be sure that it highly durable flooring option for your home. 
  • Tough and safe for kids and pets – Do you have pets and children at home? Then we are sure you think a lot before choosing any flooring for your home. Well, we say, stay relaxed when you have the Parquet flooring in your house. It is super tough on scratches and wear. So, even if your per scratches the floor and your child fiddles a lot over it, they can’t do much big damage to it. Next, since this flooring is made up of wood, it is non-skid and non slippery. It is also allergen free and keeps the germs at bay. You can rest in solace even if your child is sitting and lying on this floor the entire day! 
  • Fits in your budget – The parquet flooring isn’t as costly as the hardwood floor that you mostly opt for luxurious houses. Yes, you get a layer of wood in it, but for the lower layers, you have the options to pick cheaper options and save a lot of money here. And since you are already getting a long term flooring solution for your house, you are indirectly choosing quite a budget friendly flooring for your home with the parquet flooring. 
  • Easy to maintain – It is natural for most homeowners like you to look for a flooring that is easy to maintain and clean. In today’s date and time, not all can spend hours cleaning and scrubbing their floors. With parquet flooring, you can rest assured that it is super quick and easy to clean and stays beautiful for long. Just a hand of vacuum now and then and a monthly professional cleaning is enough to make your parquet flooring shine as new regularly.