Design trends in the custom home space evolve quickly, but some house design trends seemingly have more staying power than others. Fortunately, custom home builders in Melbourne are able to quickly adapt to the times and continually provide innovative homes that dazzle clients as well as push architectural boundaries. From open floor plans and improved energy efficiency to versatile designs, this article will take a look at five of the best house design trends in 2022.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans continue to be a dominant trend for custom home builders in Melbourne, and for good reason. They allow for more natural light to flow through the home effortlessly as well as giving the appearance of there being larger space throughout the home. Additionally, open floor plans are versatile and can be easily adapted to the changing needs of occupants. While the open floor plan trend is popular in 2022, it’s likely to remain popular as the housing market shifts more toward smaller dwellings such as apartments and eco-friendly homes. Open floor plans allow these smaller homes to capitalise on the limited space fully while eliminating areas that are under-utilised or neglected.

Advanced Energy Efficiency

As the costs of energy continue to rise, energy-efficient features are becoming increasingly popular in home design. These features can include solar panels, double glazed windows and improved insulation. 2022 has seen a global shift to being more environmentally conscious, and houses that are able to capitalise on this trend will not only be doing their part to reduce carbon emissions, but will also be vastly more competitive in the housing market when it comes time to sell.

Versatile Layouts

Homeowners are increasingly looking for versatile designs that can be easily adapted to their evolving needs, such as a home office that can be easily converted to a guest room, or a playroom or built-in storage that can serve multiple functions. Layout versatility is becoming more and more important, and custom home builders in Melbourne who are smart about attracting clients will do well to include versatile layouts in their product offering.

Improved Outdoor Living Spaces

Warmer weather usually increases the usage of a home’s outdoor living spaces. However, in recent years, the simple patio table and chair setup has been superseded by elaborate designs and furniture setups that more closely resemble an indoor living space. It makes sense seeing as spaces such as patios, decks and porches can offer homeowners respite from too much indoor time without having to leave the home. Custom home builders in Melbourne that can offer their clients luxurious outdoor living spaces will be able to gain an easy edge over their competitors.

Neutral Colours

Neutral and subdued colours continue to be a popular home design trend in 2022. These types of colours can provide a calming atmosphere and create the illusion of space in a smaller room. Additionally, they’re versatile and can be easily adapted to changing needs. Custom home builders in Melbourne typically employ the use of neutral colours where possible in order to give their projects a contemporary feel whilst allowing the homeowner as much future customisability as possible.